If you’ve never heard of colostrum, you are definitely missing out! Not only is it one of the most amazing superfoods on the planet, but it offers a lot of awesome benefits. You’ll find that adding a bit of colostrum to your diet can go a long way towards making you a healthier person!



There are a surprising number of benefits of colostrum, including:
Improving Gut Health – Your gut (also known as your intestinal tract) is responsible for the breakdown and absorption of food, as well as the elimination of waste products. It also detoxifies your body, and about 80% of your immune activity happens in your gut. Basically, your intestines are two of the most important organs in your entire body.There is an immunoglobulin protein called sIgA (secretory IgA) that plays a central role in your overall health. Low sIgA levels has been linked to:

– Chronic intestinal problems
– Autism
– Ulcerative colitis
– Crohn’s disease
– Candidiasis

People suffering from these diseases tend to have low levels of this important protein. However, taking colostrum is one of the best ways to increase sIgA levels in your body. Colostrum will help to balance your immune system, reduce the inflammatory cytokines in your intestines, and even repair the damage that has already been done to your gut by the disorders listed above.

Colostrum can help to reduce leaky gut damage, repair the intestinal lining, and get your intestinal function back on track – leading to improved immune function, digestion, elimination, detoxification, and better health in general!


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