About Body-n-Soul.es

Body-n-Soul was started beginning of 2018 by Rita and Kim Gabrielsen.

Rita is the daily manager of the shop and responsible for finding new suppliers and organic products that we believe will satisfy our customers high standard.

We mainly look for products based on Cannabis or Aloe Vera which we believe will benefit the immune system and well being of everybody using it on a regular basis.

Our interest in CBD oil was spurred back in 2016 when Kim arrived in Spain from Denmark and discovered that you can buy it here without any prescription. Having heard a lot of interesting things about CBD oil but never tried it he set out to find out about the hype.

Kim sent some samples back to Denmark for his friends to test. Two suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and one from Epilepsy. All reported back about very good results and so the business was born.

Rita and Kim have tried several CBD oil suppliers and we have settled with one now that we work with and can supply us with high quality oil at very reasonable prices.

Our main objective is to supply high quality CBD oil at affordable prices.


Please find us here

Calle Sevilla 11 / Av. López de Mena 22

29670, San Pedro de Alcántara

+(34) 663 948 362